What attracted me to use TAX AUDIT SOLUTIONS was the posted reviews from past clients.

Those reviews carry a lot of weight with me. And now that my tax case has been closed successfully by TAS, I am the one who wants to tell the Durham Region that these guys are all that they claim to be. Aaron, my assigned TAS consultant, was superb in representing me during a recent Tax Review .. and Aaron was able to find legal and financially-beneficial alternate solutions that I would have not considered .. if left on my own. He was so resourceful and persuasive. The CRA agreed with him on his presentation of my tax case .. and he closed the case with a Win-Win resolution.

Well done. The final thing I would want to mention is that one does not always know the type of people you end up working with when you embark on a journey with a new company ..and at the end of the day, I found Dan, Julie and Aaron to be exactly what they advertise on their website as working with Integrity and Professionalism.

They were understanding and great to work with. I would use them again (hoping I don’t NEED to .. you understand :-)) in a heartbeat.

Signed, one very happy and grateful client, J.C.

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