Dear Dan,

As you know, our audit has finished and we cut a cheque to the vultures last week.

Surely they could see that for the past few years we’ve been struggling after all of the records we’ve supplied them with. We’ve been networking and delivering fliers as much as we can to promote the family business.

The CRA doesn’t go behind the scenes to see what a small business goes through in order to make it. They can’t fathom putting in 15 hour days, sometimes seven days a week just to stay on top of the expenses, while trying to make an income.

I’m advising all of my friends and family that they should NEVER deal directly with any auditors.

When we called Dan White he took the time to explain a lot of things to us but he never pressured us to use his services. We decided to go with Tax Audit Solutions after a day of talking it through with my husband, and we’ve never regretted it.

Both Dan and Melissa are very professional to work with and no questions ever go unanswered. Calls and emails were returned promptly and we never felt neglected or confused.
All it takes is one phone call and a chat with Dan White to know what your legal obligations are.

Thanks again for everything and we’ll keep in touch.

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