A self-employed person, for years I used the services of a local tax preparer to prepare my income tax returns. I was in a panic on the day that I first contacted Tax Audit Solutions.

An agent of Revenue Canada had come to my home and served me with a notice that CRA was returning in a few days to perform a complete audit of my tax returns for the previous three years. I suspected that their plan was to do a complete inventory and evaluation of my home and every other asset they could find, and then to strip me of all to pay my outstanding tax debt, leaving my family impoverished and homeless.

The people at Tax Audit Solutions were incredibly rapid in their response. An initial interview was rapidly arranged. The result of the interview was a plan of action that kept the wolf from my door and settled my tax problems. Their experience and knowledge of the tax laws and CRA regulations and procedures kept the CRA out of my home and reduced the amount owing. As a result I am still living in my home and am able to continue in business.

The work performed by TAS was astonishing both in scope and detail. They took all my disorganized financial records for the preceding three years and produced an immaculate set of books that were an impressive audited statement. They took advantage of every legal tax break that could be provided and kept the amount that had to be paid to CRA as low as possible. Their treatment of my problem was caring and considerate throughout the whole process. I believe that it is very unlikely that anyone could have provided better help in a very difficult time.

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