TAS Solves Big Tax Problems.

Help is here!

Help is here!

We assist Canadians with their tax problems from coast to coast.

If you have a tax problem of over $100,000 we can help.

If you have a networth Audit, that is our specialty. 

As your representative, we understand and take very seriously our fiduciary duty to look after your best interests. Our goal is to save you many more dollars than our fees. The initial consultation is free and if we don’t firmly believe that we can fix your problem, we won’t take your money.

We are Audit Experts


Net worth Assessments, Corporate, GST/HST, Payroll, Foreign Property. Our team’s highly developed problem-solving ability breaks down the issues.


Director’s Liability, Trust Accounts, Transfer of Property. We are experts in the nuances of technical compound assessments.


We manage all CRA program reviews. If you have a CRA problem, we can help you.

Problems We Solve!

Tax Audit

Tax Audit

There are ten stages to tax audits:

Stage 1. Worrying that you may be audited.

Stage 2. Getting a notice of Audit.

Stage 3. The audit interview.

Stage 4. The actual audit.

Stage 5. The proposal letter.

Stage 6. The reassessment.

Stage 7. The notice of Objection.

Stage 8. Settlement conference.

Stage 9. Tax Court.

Stage 10. The appeal.

We can advise you on proper audit readiness.

Tax Debt

Tax Debt

Audits create Tax Debt that is either payable or not. It is best to get help before the audit. If you have received CRA reassessment and the debt is large it needs to be handled within strict time frames.

The assessments are often very wrong. In order to determine a course of action, there needs to be a best-case, worse-case assessment.

If the best-case scenario is manageable then we need to look at every way possible to reduce the amount owing and reduce the chance of the worst-case scenario

If the best-case scenario is not doable then we need to consider risk assessment, asset management, and a planned representation of the situation Insolvency forms and accounting to a licensed Trustee.

We are experts at reducing tax debt and dealing with CRA.

TAX Collection

Tax Collection

There is not anything more stressful than to have CRA knocking on your door, freezing your bank accounts, having a lien put on your home, registering a federal debt in your name, garnishing your wage and/or sending requirements to pay to your clients and banks.

If CRA is after you the worst thing to do is nothing. The sooner the matter is dealt with the sooner it ends and the less damage there is that can be done. TAS can dramatically improve most if not all collection problems.

We can stop CRA collections and help protect your assets.



It is not just overwhelming Tax Debt that needs to be dealt with but all your financial liabilities.

Due to our decades of experience in dealing with tax debt and having other debts come on for the ride, we realized that there is not just a need for Tax Representatives, but there is a unique role for Insolvency Representatives.

A Trustee (LIT) is an agent of the crown and creditors first, with a serious obligation to manage your estate under the BIA. You are well advised to have a representative who is an agent for you first, when interfacing with stakeholders and fulfilling obligations under the existing framework.

Professional Representation for you in dealing with Creditors, CRA and Trustees.

Offshore Tax

Offshore Tax

Due to banks world wide sharing information, tax regimes have a long list of people to audit. The question is no longer “Will they audit you?” the question is now “When will they audit you?”

There is serious risk management strategies that only work before CRA comes calling. There are ways to go about this problem that may be much better than doing a Voluntary Disclosure. (VDP)

If you have unreported wealth offshore, we can do risk management.

Litigation Support

Self Representation

Sometimes lawyers need help with litigation support, and sometimes people who do not have the funds to hire a lawyer, also need litigation support. Lawyers will tell you there are only three things to worry about:

  1. Preparation;
  2. Preparation and;
  3. Preparation.

If you are prepared to win in court, you can win. Generally speaking, hiring a good tax lawyer-litigator, for tax court is a prudent idea. TAS can help you be prepared for your day in court.

Never to to Tax Court without having your records Audit Ready.

Our Mission

When a client signs a Service Level Agreement, TAS includes written objectives and scope of work. We assign a case manager, gather all information, analyse it and do a risk management assessment. TAS will formulate a plan of action and set out to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our Ethics

We practice Holistic Business Management. We look at problems versus symptoms. What we do must be legal, correct for the greater good of all people, socially correct and be in alignment with Spiritual Laws.

We believe in ethical business. All things must be fair, honest and reasonable. We only support helping clients achieve objectives that are truly in their best interests. If a client wants to engage in bad risk management or tactics that are socially wrong and we don’t support the clients objectives, we will decline to accept their business.

What ever we do for clients must be good for them first and then, and only then, it must also be good for our business.

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