How are we different from other regular accountants and tax lawyers?

We are in the business of fighting the tax man for every dollar in taxes that we can save our clients and to ensure that our clients only pay the amount of tax that they are legally obligated to do. 

We offer an initial no cost – no obligation consultation, either in person, by phone or by video conference — such as Zoom conference.

We often make the difference between termination of a business and it’s very survival. This requires a high degree of street smarts. We know the ropes.

We deal with overly aggressive CRA staff to ensure that they observe the Public Servants Act, code of ethics and standards as well as the Tax Payers Bill of Rights.

In addition to our management team, we are supported by talented, and hardworking, staff of personnel who provide us with depth and professionalism every day!

Your Problem

We are committed to getting the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our efficiency makes our services a high value proposition.

We have developed a system of preventing and fixing tax problems related to not keeping audit ready records. This is one of the most important things in business.

Preventing problems is just a matter of keeping good records. Fixing problems created by bad records or bad auditors is a totally different matter.

Our Solution

We forensically construct all of your records into an audit ready set of books , prepare the tax returns and can fight CRA all the way up to tax court.

We can represent you in informal tax court, but not for general proceedings (Large cases.)

We provide audit ready bookkeeping and offer a Financial Compass Data Interpretation feedback and guidance for you in order that you pay a minimum of taxes and do not have to fear audits.

TAS maintains full time monitoring of CRA, actions, policies, and tax court cases.

We maintain our own technical consult team and our own proprietary high end, business management and accounting software — a business management system that allows us to compete work in less time than other professionals.

We are tax specialists and very effective at what we do.

Accountants are normally in the business of accounting and doing tax returns.

Battling with CRA is not part of their academic training. Accountants often come to us for in dealing with their client’s tax problems.

Tax lawyers are in the business of practicing Tax Law.

There are two kinds of tax law issues: civil and criminal.

Which kind of lawyer you hire will depend on the kind of tax problem you have. If you have been charged with tax evasion, you need a criminal lawyer. If you want to defend your tax strategy for amounts higher than $25,000 in Federal Tax and Penalties per year or $50,000 in GST/HST you will need a lawyer to attend in court. In any case, audit-ready accounting is highly advisable.

TAS is in the business of Audit Ready Bookkeeping and being a Tax Representative Accountant.

It makes sense to have an accountant who is a tax representative on your team, one whom understands the accounting files they are working on. In order for us to exist in peace with lawyers and the law society, it is our policy to not be seen as practicing law.

We are allowed to fill out government forms that are used in the process of tax disputes, but we are not supposed to create them.

We can represent clients in informal tax court procedures dealing with how the taxes were determined or disputed.

We will not represent clients unless we have done the bookkeeping.

Audit Ready Bookkeeping and filling out tax forms is not practicing law, it falls within the description of accounting and defending the accounting.

We will do what we need to do to ensure that our clients pay only the correct amount of tax and no more — we do not practice law — though we do frequently recommend lawyers when we feel they are needed.

As your Tax Representative we work to prevent audit problems and resolve complex tax issues.