At the time I was notified of an audit by the CRA in the fall 2009 I was facing potentially disastrous consequences as a result of shoddy book keeping and tax preparation, lax attention to retaining proper receipts and just overall neglect pertaining to the record keeping of my business as well as personal financial affairs.

Potentially facing the loss of my home, bankruptcy and complete financial ruin it was crucial, since for all intents and purposes my life and family depended on it, that I find precisely the right company to represent me in this audit. I had to get it right the first time…and I prayed that fate would lead me to the right people. There was no way I could represent myself for this audit. I needed real, seasoned experts – and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend for this representation.

In my research I investigated several of the more prominent firms offering tax audit assistance that advertise using mass media (in southern Ontario) including DioGuardi Tax Lawyers as well as Darryl Hayashi Chartered Accountant. It became evident in initial correspondence with both of these firms, that they were far more interested in how much money they could relieve me of for their services (in addition to whatever I would owe the CRA in taxes, interest and penalties) and both really seemed to try and exploit my paranoia and play upon my fears and pressured me into retaining them. For instance in DioGuardi’s initial email response I was informed of a $250 consulting fee just to talk to me, and, “that we need to start negotiations right away.” Except that they knew nothing of my situation so how did they know what needed to be negotiated? Legal-eeze double talk.

Additional research on-line led me to Tax Audit Solutions. Not only by the vast amounts of useful and comforting information on their web site and the sincerity in the way it was presented, but after a personal (and free, no obligation) meeting with both Dan and Leon within 24 hours after contacting them, I knew in my gut that THESE WERE THE PEOPLE to have in my corner against the CRA.

One of the most impressive aspects (and there are many!) of working with the experts at Tax Audit Solutions is how they – and NOT the CRA – control the audit. They’re fearless, cannot be intimidated and know the CRA’s laws, rules and regulations on how they’re allowed to conduct an audit better than many of the CRA auditors.

Further they charged SIGNIFICANTLY less than the 2 aforementioned firms above, and literally saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars in fees (with money I didn’t have in the first place) – and much of which, would have not only ended up in another representatives pockets, but also would have ensured bankruptcy and total financial collapse had I gone with anyone else. Of this I am absolutely certain.

As cliche as it may sound these people genuinely care about their clients. For them it is NOT all about the money. They are compassionate people who’s primary focus is in helping decent hardworking people who find themselves between a rock and a hard place (CRA), and ensuring favourable outcomes, and in exceeding expectations with a dedicated support team of experts in tax strategies & preparation, book keeping & accounting, and in working hand in hand with their clients.

If the CRA notifies you of an impending audit, and as a result you find yourself extremely stressed and worried sick (for whatever your reasons) don’t even waste your time contacting anyone else. Contact Tax Audit Solutions. It IS the absolute best money you’ll ever spend when it comes to dealing with the CRA – and you’ll get your life back!

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