After years of CRA torment and thousands of dollars in legal fees I was given a bill of 125,000 dollars. Canada Revenue Agency with the aid of over zealous auditors, reassessed my 2002, 2003, 2004 tax years by opening Statue Barred years and charging interest and fines. It was a case where I had donated medical equipment and money to support a charity in the developing world.
CRA’s accusations were “high and mighty” and they were clearly above reason. They accused me of not donating equipment and simple giving money to receive tax receipts of a high value. My lawyers finally proved to them that I had donated equipment that I had owned and that the money was used for appraisals, shipping, set-up and training the local doctors in it’s usage. CRA ignored all documentation and I was re-accessed despite the fact that all the donations had been given in good faith.

Frustrated and angry, I did not know where to turn. I love Canada and believe that it is the best country in the world to live! But what has CRA turned into? I spoke with a fellow medical colleague at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and he suggested that I contact a Mr. Dan White of Tax Audit Solutions.

I contacted Dan White by e-mail and we set up a meeting in Whitby, Ontario. At that meeting , my wife and I spent time with Mr. White going over the case. He was very familiar with Envision Global Charity, the organization that I had donated to. Dan was very sympathetic to my cause and was amazed that CRA would treat me with such disrespect. Dan gave us hope! After reviewing our documentation, he said he would negotiate to have our case reviewed and hopefully over turned. He believed we had been dealt a great misjustice and felt strongly that the auditor was completed wrong in opening up Statue Barred Years.

Dan spoke directly to the auditor and after a few weeks actually set up a management level meeting which included the team leader, the head of the audit division, and a CRA lawyer.
A couple of months later, I received a letter from CRA that involved the reversal of most of the reassessment and I was refunded a good part of the money.

Without doubt, Dan White and his team at Tax Audit Solutions were the key to such a positive outcome in this miserable tax situation. Dan works diligently on behalf of his clients and advocates fearlessly and tirelessly until he sees results.

From a consumer perspective, Tax Audit Solutions provides a ” good bang for your buck.” If you are looking for results this “Tax Cowboy” is the man for the job.

I strongly recommend Dan White and his highly skilled team at Tax Audit Solutions for anyone who feels that they have been treated unjustly by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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