If the CRA has decided to audit you tax returns or even worse have done the audit and have hit you with a huge tax bill do yourself a big favour and get in touch with Tax Audit Solutions.
When the CRA told us they had disallowed $75000 in business expenses and that we owed a massive about of back taxes my wife and I completely freaked-out. The stress was brutal never mind the outrage! A frighteningly powerful bureaucracy with limitless resources was threatening our entire financial lives and we had no idea what to do.

When I sat down with Tax Audit Solutions I was immediately reassured that I had found people who understood my problems and knew what to do. They had the specialized knowledge and the “intestinal fortitude” to deal with the CRA. They prepared my documentation in audit ready format and filed an appeal. After an intense session with CRA the amount of denied expenses was reduced to $12,000. When we got the call and were told of our success, the sense of relief was incredible.

In the current climate, where the little guy is “getting it” from every direction, it’s good to know there are professional people like Tax Audit Solutions around to stand up for you. If you are in tough situation with the CRA I highly recommend you look to Tax Audit Solutions for help. They’re good people.

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