Tax Crisis Management

The most important thing you need to know is that talking to CRA is asking to have what you say used against you

CRA has a data management system where CRA Auditors record electronic notes that will be compared to whatever further information they collect from you.

Understand that you are talking to a very money-hungry agency when you are dealing with CRA. They will go after any angle they can and will most definitely use intimidation to get you to talk.

Normally, nothing you say can help you and everything you say can and will be used against you. CRA does not look for reasons to leave you alone, they look for angles to get money.

Don’t think because you are an honest, upright citizen who believes in paying your fair share of taxes, that you will be treated fairly. The Tax System in Canada is anything but fair.

Why do we give you this harsh warning? Because, we deal with CRA every day in our business and we know what they are like, first-hand. There are some great people who are auditors but, it is the luck of the draw whether you get a reasonable auditor or some small-minded snake taking their venom out on Canadian Tax Payers because they suffer from their personal lack of self-esteem.

Be honest, you are not a tax expert, so don’t act like you are. Tax Audits are a critical, financial survival exercise where you engage the opposition in a battle for your money. So if you think you are equipped to fight the pros, you better govern yourself accordingly.

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