Tax Audit Solutions is a member in good standing in the  Society of Professional Tax Representatives Canada

Tax Audit Solutions is a member in good standing in the Society of Professional Tax Representatives Canada.

As such we are obligated to contribute to the betterment of the Canadian Taxpayer both by contributing intellectual knowledge to the society and to uphold their professional standards and code of conduct.

Membership in the society is secret and new members have to be nominated by an existing member in good standing and must meet the standards of the society.

We are an organization that respects and follows the law, but will not accept the abuse of laws or rights by tax regimes.

In much the same way that Ghandi changed India, we will bring change to taxes in Canada.

If you currently are interested in the society, please feel free to contact us. Please include information your reasons for your interest or give us a disertation on what you believe you could contribute to the betterment of the society. Email to receive more information on SOPTR.


The society hereby constituted shall be known as the
Object of Society
The objects and purposes for which the Society has been organized are, primarily, as follows:
(A) To create a society of free thinkers in relation to TaxWorld.
(B) To provide tax education to the society members.
(C) To disseminate among its members information relating to the business of Tax Representation in Canada
(D) To share in the development of TaxRep strategies.
(E) To work towards a fair tax system in Canada
(F) To seek improvements in the administration of the tax system.
(G) To assist in preventing the imposition of illegal or unauthorized taxes.
(H) To ensure that CRA is held accountable to their stated principles.
(I) To provide a service to TaxReps to be able to build a firewall for taxpayers in trouble with the tax authorities

Qualifications for Membership
Membership in the secret society is by invitation only.

They must not suffer from an overriding fear of facing CRA in a fight over client tax liabilities.

They must not be governed by a fear of what CRA could do to them.
They must have a bonified belief in the cause of fighting for tax fairness by CRA.
They must have a just tax cause that they are currently involved in.
They must be able to offer a significant contribution to the knowledge base in the society.
They must have been actively involved in the Business of Tax related activities for at least 5 years. Or hold the status of CA, CGA, or equivalent.
They must not promote the concepts of the Detax people and their related arguments.
They must support the concept of beating CRA at their own game. The Game being described as get or keep as much money as you can.

To agree to fight within the framework of CRA rules of engagement.

They must adhere to strict observation of honesty and fairness in dealing both with CRA and their clients.
They must support the society’s goals and objectives and be willing to accept new ways of doing things.
There will be a facility for junior members of the society, which will allow limited participation.
Membership is only complete upon participation in the initiation ceremony and swearing of the oath of allegiance.

Every member of this Society shall be entitled to a voice, and vote in its proceedings, but no vote of the Society, as to the methods of policy suggested, however membership in the society shall bind any member to adopt such methods or policies of the society.
Officers, Election and Committee
The Officers of the Society are as follows:
• President
• Educational Vice-President
• Secretary and VP of Communications
• Treasurer
• Sargent at Arms
• Technical Advisor

The officers of the society are kept secret from non-society people. The outside world will only receive communication by way of the titles of the parties of the society.

The officers of the Society shall be elected at the first regular meeting in each year.. Such election shall be by ballot and the person receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared by the CEO to have been elected.

The term of office for each officer shall be for one year and thereafter until his successor has been elected and has qualified. Each new officer shall take office at the close of the regular meeting at which he was elected.

Should a vacancy occur in any office of the Society said vacancy shall be filled by the CEO and remain in place until the next annual election. As herein provided, the person appointed to the office in which the vacancy existed shall take office immediately.
Nominating Committee
A committee shall be appointed by the President composed of a Chairman and two additional members, no two of which shall be representatives of the same industry.
Monthly, Annual and Special Meetings
There shall be two regular annual meetings of this Society to be held at such time and place as may be designated by the President or in his absence a majority of the officers. Such regular meetings, within a calendar year, shall be separated by at least four months.

The first regular meeting shall be held during the first six months of the calendar year and the second regular meeting shall be held during the last six months of the calendar year.
There shall be regular monthly meetings at time and place as declared by the president. Special meetings of the Society may be called in the same manner as provided for regular meetings at any time when deemed necessary or advisable by the CEO or the President.
A written notice of the time and place of each regular meeting shall be emailed to each member by the Secretary not less than ten days prior to the date of said meeting. And, such notice of each special meeting shall be so emailed not less than five days prior to the date of said meeting.
Representatives of four or more members present at any regular or special meeting of this Society shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
No member or officer of this Society shall receive any remuneration as a result of being a member in this Society. Each member pays their own costs and supports the mission and vision of the society by way of paying their own expenses.

There are no membership dues as this would endanger the secrecy of the society by way of tracking money. The society must be free to operate as a virtual entity rather than a legal entity, thereby not needing to keep any financial books and records and no government reporting, being that no money changes hands.

The membership donation of time and resources are given free and without expectations of financial reward as their contribution to the betterment of the society and the assistance to the citizens of this country.

In the event any member shall not contribute to the society in a meaningful way, for a continuous period of one year, they shall be notified in writing by the Treasurer of his delinquency and unless his duties are completed before the next regular meeting, their name shall be automatically dropped from the membership roll and be excluded from future involvement, unless by way of special proclamation be permitted to rejoin the society.

The members and their numbers are secret and only available to the members once they are initiated, sworn in and officially proclaimed as a bonified member of the society.
This Constitution may be altered by the Society and founding members or amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular meeting provided written notice of meeting and copy of proposed amendments have been forwarded to each member at least 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. All such amendments must receive final royal assent by the Society.

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