CRA issues Requirements To Pay (RTP) as routine procedure

CRA issues Requirements To Pay (RTP) as routine procedure. Bank accounts are being frozen across Canada, with complete disregard to whether it jeopardises CRA’s ability to get paid or not. They don’t care if Mothers can’t feed their babies. They don’t care that it damages the taxpayers ability to run their businesses, of pay their rent. When the TaxMan comes calling, don’t expect any understanding or sympathy.

The government of the day can talk about reducing taxes all they want, but perhaps it would be better to introduce common sense and reason around how they collect taxes.

Canadians can be proud of their country and ashamed of the tax regime that is an embarrassment to our people.

Royal Bank Teams Up With CRA Collections to seize your bank accounts.

Well! here we have it.

There are so many Requirements To Pay (RTP’s) in other words…. there are so many bank seizures by CRA, that the RBC, or AKA, has now made it easy to assist CRA in grabbing your dollars.

Take not of the scanned letter below. It shows clearly just how insidious CRA collections has become and just how willing RBC is to assist in the manner.

RBC has now set up a National Requirement To Pay Centre, and all just to assist in CRA being able to move quickly and easily to grab your money.

Isn’t this nice? We trust our banks, they just do whatever CRA wants; NO Questions Asked.

It really makes you wonder why anyone knowing that Royal Bank has a National Center to assist CRA in grabbing money would deal with them.

Let’s not even talk about that CRA does not care if they grab grocery money.

It is interesting to note that CRA is required to send a copy to the taxpayer, however they make sure you get the letter to late for you to remove the funds in time to prevent the money grab that could leave your children with no money for food.

CRA issues an RTP, RBC allows the bank freeze, but won’t allow you to close your account, yet continues to charge bank fees. How nice!

So now the RBC is a defacto Tax Collector. Yipee!

CRA continues to wreak havoc on the personal lives of Canadians with very little care or compassion.

They don’t care that the fact of the bank account seizure, is it often stops the taxpayer from being able to buy food let alone be in business.

The fact that RBC can justify a National Centre to just handle RTPs should tell you the magnatude of this problem.

It could be you who gets screwed next. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Consider banking somewehere where you money is the safest.

What everyone needs to do is open up a Savings Account in RBC that is only used to pay taxes. That way CRA will have to work harder to find your main bank account and CRA will not be able to get any money not put there for you to pay taxes from.

If you have just had this happen to you, let us know and we can usually get the RTP removed the next day.

Here is a recently issued letter. I have both Scanned and OCR’d

Dan White

RBC Royal Bank CZ

xx July 2010 –
Dear SirlMadam:
Re: Requrement to Pay

By: Canada Revenue Agency
Amount: $13,000.00
Reference Number: xxxxxxxx

( Actual Number removed to protect the privacy of the taxpayer)
(CRA) Contact Officer: Mr. S. Mailoux
Contact Phone: 1-866-406-2214 ext 6458
Requirement to Pay
Canada Revenue Agency
$13,000.00 Business Identity Number ……… xxxxx __ RTOOOI
Mr. S. Mailloux
866-406-2214 x 6458
Royal Bank of Canada
National Third Party Demands
P.O. Box 4509, Station A
Toronto, ON M5W 4K5
Our Royal Bank of Canada branch located at 200 Bay St – Main Fir, Toronto, ON, M5J 2J5 has received service of an attachment order as described above.
Please be advised that, in accordance with its legal obligation, the Bank has complied with and acted upon the attachment to the extent necessary from available funds in your account.

If there are any further concerns please call the Contact Officer mentioned above.

(Dean’s signature)

Dean Gray
Assistant Manager
Third Party Demands (Mostly CRA Requirements to Pay)
Our toll-free number is 1-800-582-3615. Any agent/representative will be able to assist you.
® Registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal
Bank of Canada.
Rev. 12105

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