Taxpayers requesting help with serious Tax Problems

The following emails sent to us are exactly what we received, minus any way to identify the actual taxpayer.

As you read through here, you may just identify with the fact that CRA is not what they purport to be.

The kind of anguish that CRA puts on Canadians is punishment before proof of guilt. What people suffer at the hands of CRA is worse than most of the punishment handed out in our criminal courts.

A kinder gentler Canada? NOT!

I have a serious problem regarding my baby bonuses. I filled out applications over the past 10 or 15 years for each one of my children to get the baby bonus and they stopped giving it to me after the 1st year or so, and eventually they said they needed spouses taxes done to get my children’s baby bonus.

So finally the taxes were done for around 10 years, just minimal income, poverty level, around 10 to 15 thousand yearly total so the income reported was half on each return.

Then they sent around $30,000 and although i figured the baby bonus was closer to $100,000 coming for all the years they didn’t send it to me.

Then they sent a random questionnaire to prove where my children and me lived even though they’ve been sending me mail at the same address all these years.

I kept giving them all kinds of documents, more than they requested, and they kept asking for more and told me they cancelled benefits and want their money back, now they’re sending bills for around $20,000 instead of the rest of the baby bonus. They even kept the rebates for each year.

Please let me know if this is the kind of thing you can help with and how much you charge or if you can’t help please let me know who can.
Thank you

My husband & I participated in the Lotex Vitex Donation program in 2002 & 2003. CRA reassessed disallowing our “inflated” donation amount (I am sure you are aware of numerous situations similar to this) and we are now faced with large amounts owing including interest. We have until Oct 29 to accept a deal they have offered…actual donation amount and reduced capital gains to $0 (which makes sense) but all the interest charged remains. Between the 2 of us approx 50,000 owing.

Good afternoon,

I was Googling CRA tax audit and your firm’s information came up. I was wondering if you could assist me. Below is a description of my situation.

I am a sole practitioner and one of my corporate clients is currently being audited due to a clearance certificate request. The fieldwork was completed in my office in August 2010 in 3/4 of a day. When the CRA taxation officer told me he was finished, I enquired whether he had any questions or concerns. His response was “No, everything seems to be in order”. However, a 5 days later, a T997 – Audit Query Sheet was faxed to which he wanted responses and documentation within 5 business days. I was able to extend the response time till September 15. All the documentation he is requesting was available to him at the time of the visit. The only stipulation was that he did not have free access to my equipment and any photocopies had to be requested through my assistant so that I knew what he was taking out of the office.

While finalizing my response to the queries, I noticed that he is mixing corporate audit requests with information on amounts declared on the shareholders’ personal income tax returns. Although the request for personal income tax return documentation was not requested in the initial review letter, the returns were discussed and explained at the time of the fieldwork. At that time, the explanation was acceptable. Now, it appears he is using the corporate income tax audit as a gateway to review the shareholders’ personal income tax returns.

Although I have nothing to “hide”, I am concerned that confidential information of one taxpayer will end up and/or in the file of another taxpayer. Does this transcend the privacy boundaries under the privacy legislation?

Thanking you in advance for any guidance you can provide me with regards to the above.

I haven’t been filing my corporate returns since 2006. (2006 is done as of now, but not filed). the company is small with no profit, so tax is not an issue there. However, we are delinquent in some GST and payroll taxes to the tune of about $15-$16.

As well, My wife and I personally owe about 26K in taxes as well. We simply were not making enough at that company and we have since made a change to a more profitable situation.

CRA has frozen the company accounts and has garnisheed my current job to the tune of 100%. I need some help.

I represent a group of xxxxx in Canada that work for an overseas company in Hong Kong. Prior to 1993 we all were non residence of Canada living in HK. In 1993 our company opened “foreign bases” allowing us to live back at our home country. Prior to this we as a group, ascertained the situation wrt double taxation. We were assured by CRA that a FTC ( subsection 126(1) would apply and we would not be double taxed. No problems for 17 years until June this year. A xxxxx of CRA Surrey BC has “proposed” to deny our last three years FTC. There has been no change in the tax act, he is trying to re-define the term “source” for our income. There is over 150 of us in Canada that will be/are involved although for now this is centered on the xxx TAX SERVICES office for now. We have caught XXXX changing his bases for this audit, initially he sighted on paper, the Sutcliffe case. He was an XXXXX, non resident but paid in Canada into a Canadian Bank by a Canadian company. The tax court said he only had to pay on time in Canadian airspace. CRA is trying to flip this saying we should only get a FTC for time in HK. The difference is we pay taxes due to our residency in Canada, our employer, our administration, our training our licences are all in HK and the XXXXX are registered in HK. He nows says it is Shere that he is following. We have lawyered up as a group but thought I should get your opinion as well.

Hi, I did some auto upholstery work out of my home, which I considered a hobby to make ends meet, while I was unemployed and now CRA is taxing me on every deposit that went into my account.My lawyer showed about 10,000 out of 47,000 in 2 years was credit cards and a line of credit, but I still seem to be getting taxed for everything. I also found more info on my own to show I did not make that much. I made mabey 10,000 in those 2 years, they want to tax me over 20,000…How do you file an appeal or go to court, I can’t afford this as it is with my lawyer.

CRA HAS PETITIONED THE COURT TO SEIZE MY PROPERTY (house) and sell it. legitimately worried about heart attack, blood pressure through the roof.

They have garnished my wages and taken money from my tenant. Can you help me?

Hi, I have an issue with CRA. I filed my taxes for 2008 and was taking care of my daughter on my own since my husband was out of the country. When I filed I did indicate that my husband was out of the country in 2008 and did not have any income so I claimed for daycare expenses. I did get a refund but CRA got back to me saying that the refund I got back was based on my husband’s low income but since he was out of the country I did not qualify for all the refund and now I have to pay them $3000. To me this looks like it was an error on their part and they are penalizing me for it. As it stands now I have no income, no assets whatsoever so I am not able to pay them and I want to dispute their claim based on the fact that I never gave them any misleading information and this was their error. Can you give me any advice on this?

We opened a new building in 2007. We did not realize we needed to self-assess. We requested our ITC which we were refunded almost all. We had an audit completed just recently. We owe $168,000 minus the new housing rebate, which brings it down to less than $100,000. We also own a house outright which they want to seize. They also say that we owe $60,000 in personal taxes from 2003. We appealed that but were turned down. They are digging into everything and “finding” more and more information about our passed business and personal bank accounts etc.

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