CRA’s Service Related Complaint Form

To Get CRA’s Service Related Complaint Form go to

Complaining is an art. If you don’t do it right, it is not going to achieve any desired results.

We at TAS believe this is an important process and are refining our complaint procedures as we refine our art form.

You can file your own complaint.

Basically you need to point out exactly what was done wrong, what about it was wrong and what you want to happen as a result of your complaint.

I advise using the Taxpayers Bill of Rights as your guideline.

If you have a serious situation, then you really should get professional help in filing your complaint.

Imagine you are the one receiving the complaint, how would you handle it and imagine how you would feel about the complainer.

While CRA does not appear to really care about the taxpayers, they do treat complaints seriously and want them all resolved.

To often we hear, “Don’t bother filing a service complaint” to CRA. Because CRA will just sluff it off and you will get nowhere. That is only true if you are are unprepared in filing your complaint and/or if you are willing to be sluffed off.

What we are finding is that we are getting better and better at getting results. We are initiating a new level of process here and will find out what works best and what is a WOT. (Waste of Time.)

Stay tuned for more results and updates on this topic.

Latest update. We are having some pretty good successes with our complaints. However I have to tell you that CRA resists like crazy. One has to be tenacious to get results. It works but this is no easy fight. CRA is throwing lots of bull at us, but we can handle it.

CRA is paying attention… but only after they realize that we can’t be brushed off.

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