Jeopardy Game: What is CRA?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (formerly Revenue Canada under the Federal Identity Program) is a federal agency that administers tax laws and collects money for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories, international trade legislation, and various social and economic benefit and incentive programs delivered through the tax system. It also oversees the registration of charities in Canada, and tax credit programs such as the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Program.

The Canada Revenue Agency was previously known as the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) until a federal government reorganization in December 2003 when it was decided to split the organization’s customs and revenue responsibilities into separate organizations. Since then, Canada Border Services Agency is part of the Public Safety Canada portfolio to handle customs responsibilities.

Simply stated: CRA is the government’s revenue collections department empowered to collect as much money as they possibly can. Their target market in Canada is small business.

CRA is not about what is fair and reasonable, it is all about how can the rules and laws be used to collect the maximum amount of revenue.

If you think you have CRA problems, give us an overview and we will let you know if we can help.

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